Our essential nature.

When you look at a new born baby, what do you see?

I see innocence, pure light, love, joy… and infinite possibilities. I see a diamond!

Like the precious stone, babies come in different sizes, colours and cuts and they have many different facets.

Our children are unique, free spirits, and, at the same time, the same as everyone else. We are all one. Our responsibility is to understand that uniqueness, their Essence, and encourage their innate light to shine naturally. 

However, since most parents live in their personalities, we tend to take care of our children in our own ways – according to our beliefs, fears, expectations and judgements.

The question is – to what extent do we limit them by expressing what we think they should do or who should they be? When a child’s true nature is overshadowed by thoughts, beliefs, conditioning that is not in line with who they are, the precious diamond loses its lustre. And their Essence can be forgotten.

Our children are not an extension of who we are, not ours control.  When we’re not conscious of how we parent, sadly that can be the message.

As a mother, like my mother, I focused on ‘doing’, being busy doing things for my children, looking for a sense of worth from the role. There were lots of rules, and silent expectations, most of which were unconscious! There was no attention to how I was ’being’ as a mother. I was asleep.  

And yet we are role-models for our children. What are the qualities, the values you want to role-model and encourage in your children?

Do you encourage them to be who they are…to have fun, to laugh and play…to connect with and respect the Earth and everyone they meet…to be inclusive…to believe that anything is possible? To value integrity, authenticity, kindness, generosity, open communication, to feel their feelings …whatever it is that is important to you?

When we wake up, we can think and do things differently. We can get clear about who we are and be our Essential Nature.

Encouraging our children to be their real self, while still setting boundaries, inspiring them to reach for the stars, is perhaps the greatest gift we can offer. Our children have chosen to be here at this time for a reason. Our responsibility is to nurture the beauty within so they can become who they are meant to be.

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