Orange – aspiring to be more

Orange…the colour of the robes of Buddhist monks…and an energy that aspires to something more than the material world, to creating a better world. Combining the energy of red with the cheerfulness of yellow, it’s bold!

I’m reminded of a time when in Cambodia I was inspired by a group of bright young women given the opportunity of a university education, leadership training and a strong community, their energy full of excitement, vitality, enthusiasm, aspiring to become more of who they are and rebuild their country creating positive change. Their dreams were big, everything was possible! One girl, I remember, dreamt of becoming Prime Minister, another an astronaut …the energy was positively uplifting! Aspiring to be more has that effect – it lifts our frequency.

Orange is easily stimulated and excited, it’s about belly laughs and playfulness; and at the other end of the spectrum there may be depression or fear.

If you’re attracted to orange, what does it hold for you; and if you dislike orange, what is it about it that you react?

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