Opening your heart

We’ve talked about how some experiences that occur through change can have us feel pain and a sense of loss, we can put up walls and then, if we judge ourself for what happened, we can become hard-hearted … and put our connection to our heart in cold storage.

The question is how to move beyond this? In simple terms – you can burn the judgement and connect to the warmth within your heart!

As a practical exercise, you can sit quietly, focus on your breathing until you come to a place of peace, of calm, then visualise placing all your pain, judgement and fears into a bonfire. Watch the energy burn and imagine it being transmuted into love. Then …let your soul dance around the bonfire of your judgement! Your soul loves to dance.

Then it’s a case of creating a new habit of connecting with your heart energy and bringing it into your life.

Here’s a prayer that I find to be really powerful in terms of connecting to our heart energy. Find a place outside to connect to the sun, or, as you say the words, simply visualise the sun’s rays streaming into the world, into your heart centre, then streaming out and back into the world…

You who are the Source of all power,

Whose rays illuminate the world,

Illuminate also my heart

So that it too can do your work.

How does that feel?

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