Mining the diamond – the work.

What d’you need to mine your diamond?

We need to dig deep to remove all the hard layers of rock that have accumulated over time.  So…a head-lamp… to illuminate the way in the dark can help! A pick-axe to mine; a shovel to remove dirt and gravel; a water bucket to wash away gunk …they can all prove useful. Chocolate, of course, is always a good idea to provide energy!!! And… sometimes we need to come up for air and take a break. The thing is…it is there, we all have a diamond within our heart, you simply need to have faith that you will find it.

We start mining by understanding who we appear to be on the surface. First, by looking at the story we tell ourselves about our childhood- our upbringing, conditioning, our beliefs. We see what labels we’ve worn – that are simply the opinion of others as to how they see us or how they think we should be – and we look to see how these have served or limited us.

We look at our patterns – our language, our thinking, feelings, actions – that block us from being our best. We come to understand our expectations, excuses, complaints, criticisms, and, the masks we wear in order to be loved and accepted and hide any fear or pain. In particular, we look at how well we understand our self emotionally – do we respond or react in life, what emotions have us feeling uncomfortable, what we can learn from them. We reconnect with our inner child, the part of us that needs love and acceptance and has the capacity to experience wonder joy and playfulness.

All the time we’re removing the layers that have hardened our heart ….until we come to a place where we can choose to let go of fear, look at our self through the eyes of love, accept all our facets and connect with the Essence of who are, the diamond within our heart.

So, in times of trouble, how do we ‘let it be’? How do we have faith and accept things as they are? We let go and let God, we connect to the diamond within and find our own answers. And, we can remember… it’s a wonderful world.

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