When did you last feel a sense of magic about life… do you actually believe in magic? No matter what is happening for you, magic is always with you – it lies within you, and the only thing for you to do is claim it and share it!

When you stop trying to be someone who you think you should be or who others want you to be, when you let go of all the expectations and limitations that you unconsciously carry, and connect with your heart, your Essence, the burden dissolves and you can be ourself. There is a magic about you that is all your own – you can simply enjoy life and be who you are.

When you open your heart, you see the beauty, the divine, in everyone and everything around you and feel the sheer joy of being alive! You focus on using your gifts and don’t worry about what you think you may lack.

When you connect with the diamond, your infinite potential, you understand that you are more capable than you imagined, and when allow yourself to be guided, everything is possible. Pure magic!

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