Living in harmony

“He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe” – Marcus Aurelius.

How often do you feel a sense of inner peace?

How harmonious are your relationships?

Is there anything you might you like to change about your relationships?

Last weekend I spent time with someone new in my life in a warm, cosy home, enjoying simple food, a glass of wine, and stimulating conversation. This led me to contemplating… relationships, friendships, community.

As a child, I grew up in a small village in Scotland where there was a great sense of community and looking after one another. Moving to London and then to Hong Kong, first as a single woman then as an expat wife, things were different with the emphasis being on work, then family. Today my children have left home, and now I look once again for the sense of caring and sharing of my childhood.

Why is it that relationships are so important to us? Why is it we can enjoy great relationships with some and not with others?

If we don’t see our value, this will show up in how we relate to others. If we have limiting mindsets, if we’re self-critical, our thoughts will be revealed in what we project onto others and in the way we react.

The foundation of all relationship is our relationship with self.

The question is how well do you know what you need from a relationship? What do you bring to your relationships? And…how do you manage differences in your relationships?

If you feel there’s a battle going on within yourself when it comes to your relationships, you don’t know what it is, you do know that you go round and round in circles, repeating the same old patterns. join our archetypes programme and see how your personal makeup contributes, understand and learn to manage your thoughts and feelings, how to use your strengths and gifts, and find peace within yourself.

You can also explore …how can I be the best possible friend to myself….and … how can I build a relationship with Spirit? What are my personal resources and how can I share them with others? Where does your true nourishment lie?

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