Light or dense?

When you you feel that somewhere along the way you’ve forgotten who you are or you’ve perhaps allowed yourself to be talked out of being who you are and now want to address that, looking at colour and its different qualities is just one way to start to find yourself. Colours are examples of ways of being.

In fact, you have all the colours of the rainbow within you…through the energy in your chakras. And, within each colour, there are different levels of energy from the lightest to the most dense level according to how your energy centres are operating. So, if you find that you are operating at the lower end, it’s a simple choice to change it and uplift your energy.

So, for example, if you become aware that you have a tendency towards self criticism and in fact that extends to others, you can look to understand where that comes from, why it’s there, and focus on what you enjoy about being you.

When you’re drawn to a particular colour, your soul colour, and connect with it in your heart, that’s when you know that you have come home to yourself!

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