It’s all in the story


Here in New Zealand I’ve noticed that people often say “it’s all about the story”. This is part of who they are, what they stand for, what they offer.

It’s interesting then to ask :

  • what story do you tell yourself – about yourself and your past
  • if you were to write a new story, how would it look, what would you write for yourself
  • what do you stand for
  • what do you offer to others
  • how does your story celebrate your journey?


When we let go of any conditioning that doesn’t support us in being who we really are, when we can accept all our facets, warts and all, that’s when we feel whole, when we sparkle and shine.

How can you build on what already exists within you?

Perception is a wonderful thing, it’s simply the way we see things. We can change it in a moment.

Do you see the light in yourself…and in others? What is your vision for the world?

In order to claim the significance of who we are, we need to connect with our soul and see that we are more than our appearance. So much more.

Do you know the story of this tree at Hobbiton?


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