It’s all about the journey


We often hear ‘it’s all about the journey’. What does that mean to you? How do you live your life?

  • Do you work, work, work, pushing, striving to achieve goals and acquire things?
  • Do you allow time for what matters to you, to do what you feel passionate about, and simply be with those you care about? Or, do you put that off for another day?
  • How much do you pay attention to the lessons you’re learning and understanding who you are becoming?


When we focus solely on the destination, we run the risk of putting our self in a box. And when we do that, we can miss so much delight. It’s good to pay attention to the destination as it relates to our journey, not as it relates to an outcome. It helps us learn to let go of control, not to attach to anything, which gives us the freedom to play and explore!

As we approach the start of a new year, it’s great to look at goals and what matters to us, to set an intent, and, to ask whether we want to find more harmony and balance. Do you need to slow down and enjoy the experience of where you’re going? It’s fun to be open to the possibilities and opportunities that present along the way; and to enjoy the sweetness of life, to pause and enjoy the little things that touch our hearts. To allow things to happen in their own time, to go with the rhythm of life.



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