It’s all about… perception

These past few weeks, we’ve offered some tips to those of you who have decided it’s time to change. You’ve decided to make a new start and and now you are imagining how you will live and who you are going to be. You are getting ready to create a new seed pod within your self. Wonderful! If you missed our ‘New Start, New You” visualisation exercise, you can still get it here and dream about what is possible!

It’s always a good idea to start with how you see yourself now. Of course, it’s all too easy to attach to an old story of who you are and get stuck in continual patterns that really don’t help you to be your best. The good news is you can choose to see things differently, you can change your perception, and write a new story!

When you decide it’s time to say goodbye to living to satisfy the expectations of others, to stop worrying about how others see you, contact me and we’ll arrange a time to chat about how you can do that.

Our programmes help you to see yourself in a different light so you can step forward with a sense of confidence, trust and value. Imagine …waking up feeling good to be alive wondering what joys your day will bring!

Our Archetypes programmes help you to discover your essential energies; our Polishing the Diamond programmes help you to see your uniqueness and align with who you really are.

To be our best, of course we need to take care of self – every single facet – and sometimes we need a polish! How well we take care of our self often comes back to how much we accept our self. So, the question is…can you accept yourself exactly as you are, and, see your potential?

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