Is it time to commit to yourself… and your service?

How much time do you give to your self?

Is everything you do more important than time for you?

How committed are you to being all of who you are, to exploring your potential?

Is it time to make a commitment to your self and why you are here? To commit to your dreams? To your service?


This month we’ve been looking at choices. You might like to take a look at our blogs on –

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In making a new start, it’s good to be clear about your choices and how committed you are to them, Whatever they might be, do you say…

  • I’ll do whatever it takes!
  • I’ll do my best
  • I’ll do it when…… (I have the time, money, my mate does it with me…)
  • I’ll try…
  • Whatever…

What can you learn from this?

To live our purpose takes both courage and commitment. How willing are you to risk, to stretch and grow beyond your comfort zone?  When we claim all our facets, anything is possible! And when we are aligned with our self, the gift is harmony – harmony within.


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