Inclusions – how do you see them?

Since the beginning of the year, we’ve been looking at colour as a way to understand who you are, your energy. We’ve looked at different colours and their qualities, and considered whether the colour is clear or cloudy, seeing that sometimes how we’ve been cut or shaped by others can have quite an impact on us!

What about inclusions? Inclusions in the physical diamond are the little natural elements that are created due to the extreme pressure and heat that a diamond experiences when it forms. They are often seen to be imperfections or flaws – that’s how society sees things.

When it come to you as a diamond, in-clusions are the characteristics within you that are like a thumbprint, that give you your uniqueness. They are included for a reason – to help you understand who you are, often part of your soul journey. So, your in-clusions are your greatest opportunity to see and accept that all your facets, they are neither good or bad, they’re simply part of who you are and what makes you whole.

What do you see when you look at yourself?

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