In what ways d’you resist change?

Many of us are experiencing challenges right now. It’s as if we are being propelled forward to do things differently. And yet, we may find that we’re hesitating. How can we find the courage to go after our heart’s desire?

I see us as being here to learn and grow. We grow through change; we can grow through our personal challenges. Why is it then that the one thing that’s certain in life, change, is the one thing that many of us struggle with most? Why is it that when we start to feel challenged, it’s all too easy to settle for what is safe?

One thing is for sure, when we live in our comfort zone, we limit ourselves. Whilst ever we do what we’ve always done, nothing changes. Resistance keeps us small. If we want to live large, we need to stop playing small, and believe in our self!

A diamond’s inclusions are the excuses we make because we’re afraid to live our potential.

To move forward, we need to risk!

What do you choose – love or fear? D’you love yourself enough to do what you need to do to become more of who you are … to become a sun and share your light even more?

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