It’s hard to believe, it’s now 50 years since John Lennon wrote the song ‘Imagine’ – his dream of the world living as one.

Seeing identity based hatred across the world today, some might ridicule his dream…yet if we don’t have a dream, what is there to aspire to?

When we look for the good in each of us, when we’re willing to see spirit all around us, EVERYTHING is possible. We CAN be at peace with each other, with nature, and live in unity.

We find inner peace when we let go of who we think we should be …and be who we are at heart. When we accept every facet, then we are at one with our self and can gently accept others.

We find peace when we let go of any need to control, when we trust in the process of life, accepting that things happen as and when they are meant to. Our experiences are neither good nor bad, they are simply part of the rich tapestry of life, each offering us learning.

We find peace when we learn to manage our thoughts and emotions, letting go of judgement and learning to respond, not react, to situations. We find inner peace when we feel the stillness within our heart, when we connect with the diamond.

What do you aspire to? Imagine… Remember it’s a wonderful world!

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