I want more!

As someone who was brought up not to be greedy or selfish, can you imagine how I felt when I discovered that there is a part of me that always wants more? Pretty uncomfortable!

And yet…I also saw…there always IS more, the universe is abundant, and we are always in the process of becoming more of who we are. So, now I am at peace with that part of me, I can have a laugh at myself, and say “I always want more and I am abundant’ and love that part of me!

Where are you at when it comes to abundance? Do you trust that the universe will provide everything you need, or do you come from a place of lack? Do you think that you never have enough; do you give it all away?

When you look ahead, what do you visualise for the different areas of your life – your career, your finances, relationships, your wellness, your spiritual growth? Do you see success, fun, an abundance of all that brings you joy? Or struggle?

What gets in the way of you creating abundance? Anxiety, doubts and fears are definite blocks so, if you are subject to these, here are a few tips:

  • If you tend to think in terms of ‘what if…’ and imagine worst case scenarios, catch yourself in the act of any such thinking and replace with a counter-statement that imagines the best possible outcome. Why not?
  • Write out all your anxieties, doubts and fears right now on a piece of paper. Say thank you, and see all your worries and doubts go into a pink bubble and be released…
  • Recognise and express your feelings rather than deny them.
  • Believe in your self; see your value as a unique human being.
  • Do what you love, and spend time with people whose energy uplifts you.
  • Have faith, be patient, know that the universe provides in it’s own time.

Of course, when we carry any sense of limitation and judgement, we will not have abundance.

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