How much do you value yourself?


How much do you value yourself?

Where does your sense of value come from?  Does it come from your position or status in life, how much money you have in the bank, from another valuing you… or from something else?

Do you find that your value seesaws – one minute you feel good about yourself, you’re up, the next you’re not sure which way is up?!!!

Unless we have a strong sense of value within ourself, we can find ourselves going up and down. I remember the time when my husband said he no longer wanted to stay in our marriage… In that moment, I felt my world crash. I felt I had nothing, I was nothing. ‘I was just a housewife”. I no longer had a role, a purpose in life, and told myself I’d never survive alone. I thought I had lost everything. My sense of value disappeared. At that time, my value had come from another.

Then… I picked myself up, took one step, then another, then another. I reinvented myself until I came to a place when I celebrated being me – without seeing myself as an extension of another.

I never wanted to feel those feelings of nothingness again, so I became a coach – to help others find the strength to deal with any such feelings.

If you’re feeling lost, alone and no longer know your role in life  – perhaps you’ve just experienced the end of a relationship, lost a job or been replaced by someone, seen your children off to university and no longer feel ‘useful’ – contact me and we can have a chat about how you can pick yourself up.

When we love all of who we are and focus on our strengths, when we can see and integrate the beliefs and fears that get in the way of us having a strong sense of value, we can move ahead in balance. We can embrace life rather than merely exist, thrive rather than survive!

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