Joy in simplicity

  • D’you ever stop to reflect on how you live, your way of being?
  • Are you someone who is busy, busy, constantly multi-tasking, your mind jumping around a constantly expanding to-do list, worrying about this or that, feeling stressed, overloaded?
  • Or, do you take each day as it comes, make time to relax and breathe, and enjoy the moment?

We live in a fast-paced world which seems to be getting faster and faster. It’s a choice whether we live on a hamster wheel.

Some of us have a strong work ethic and like to be busy; empty time can seem almost scary. We don’t want to be seen to be lazy. Working long hours, taking our responsibilities seriously, the act of being busy can give us a sense of purpose or achievement. Working hard can also be a case of trying to prove our worth. Our ego has a need to be seen to be doing something.

The question is ….where is the joy in that way of being?

How to manage our time, our feelings, and not be so busy that we exclude people or have no time for fun ?

Living in simplicity is a choice. It means taking each day as it comes, being present and enjoying the moment. Taking time to stand still and breathe. Smile! It means supporting yourself by smelling the roses, and, walking away from negative energies. It means clearing clutter, getting clear about commitments, managing your time. And… stop worrying…. about the future, what other people think, about getting it right.

We worry because we want to control life, yet there is so much we cannot control. When we remember “Of myself, I do nothing”, all that I am comes from the Source of all life. When we connect each day to our Essence and allow the energy to flow through us, life is simple. We know we are all connected and can accept all that is. No need to worry about doing. We can go slow, forget the busy work.

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