Hold fast to who you are

Looking through my mum’s family tree, I found it interesting to see that her family motto is “Hold fast”. It had me pondering….

When we experience any change or struggle in life, whether it’s to do with our health, money, a relationship or with our career, it can be easy to lose sight of who we are. We can fall into our emotions, become confused, and not know what to do.

Moving through any challenge, what we really need to hold fast to is who we are, our strengths and gifts, and the knowing that there is always a reason and a gift in what is happening, no matter what is occurring, whether we enjoy it or not. We need to accept what is happening, then set our heart on what is true and good.

So…who are you? Do you understand your energies… what makes you unique…your strengths and gifts? Knowing who we are, accepting who we are, all of our facets, dark and light, gives us the strength and confidence to move through any challenge.

If you feel you’ve lost your sense of who you are, who might you want to become? What is it you want to do differently, what matters to you, and what could you develop within you to achieve that?

Just as the branches of a tree strengthen and grow upwards towards the sky and its roots spread deep into the earth, so we grow strong and upright in our self as we move through life. Like the tree, we may lose our leaves…until spring comes along and we come back to life with beautiful leaves appearing again. A new start.

If you are facing some sort of change, or want to do something new, you’re just not sure how, it’s good to get support. Join our book group where we can go through the process together. Together we are stronger.

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