Heaven on earth

Have you ever experienced a moment of sheer joy when your heart felt like you could hardly speak?

A moment of awe when you felt the harmony and beauty of everything around you?

Most of us, I like to think, have enjoyed such a moment, or two. I remember a time at Lake Como in Italy. My marriage was falling apart, the family was walking on eggshells, yet, there was a moment when alone I felt the energy of the mountains and water around me, when I breathed in the beauty and colour of the gardens and villas on the shores of the lake, the feeling of harmony, and I was in heaven. My heart was full, and, I was at peace.

The question is … how can we create that sense of heaven on earth… how can we sustain it?

We do it first of all by knowing what our own definition of heaven is, and then creating it. By being who we truly are, connected to the diamond within our heart, making conscious choices from our heart in line with our values. By living in the moment. We do it by seeing the divine in everything, the goodness in people, even though at times we may disagree with them. By living our passion, by giving energy to our purpose. We do it by balancing the elements within us – our thoughts, feelings – and by focusing on our strengths. We do it by being mindful of the impact our energy has on everything around us. By practising the art of simple kindness, being there for others as long as is required.

We do it by trusting that our journey is unfolding just as planned, allowing ourselves to be guided.

How would it be for you to wake up every day full of the joy of living, ready for a new adventure?

How can you celebrate heaven on earth today?

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