Have a good laugh!

Yesterday I had an interesting experience – I joined a friend at an event in Abbotsford Convent where people came together connecting spontaneously through sound and laughter. Exploring the different ways we laugh was the funniest thing. Imagine… giggling, hissing, a guffaw, explosive laughter, silent laughter, a belly laugh, laughing through your nose, laughing through your teeth. Do you find yourself smiling just thinking about it?

Which got me thinking…

  • How seriously do you take yourself?
  • How much laughter do you enjoy in your life?
  • How do you bring laughter to others?


Taking ourselves seriously can show up as work related stress or self importance, being reactive, defensive, pointing out others faults, taking things personally, getting stressed about little things we can’t change and in many other ways.  When we can laugh at ourselves and our mistakes, when we choose not be hard on ourselves and instead say ‘oh, look at that, isn’t that interesting”, it’s really quite heartwarming.

This week, what would it take to find some time to ‘be’ rather than ‘do’, to enjoy the moment and be the child you are at heart? How can you bring some light-heartedness to your world? When we connect with the spirit within us, we connect with our joy and bring joy to others.

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