Harmony and balance

Last night I went to the movies to see the Imitation Game, the story of the brilliant British mathematician, Alan Turing, a war hero who cracked the code of the Enigma machine used by the Germans during World War 2 with the result that many, many lives were saved. Considered to be pioneer of modern computers, he was a genius, a complicated man, a mind never at rest, and physically awkward. A homosexual, after the war, he was convicted of gross indecency and underwent chemical castration before later committing suicide.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance touched my heart. Insecure yet arrogant, haunted by secrets, full of eccentricities, socially misunderstood, I find it hard to imagine what life was like for such a man.

Although I’ve not personally walked the path of being ‘different’ (I have at times felt like I don’t belong), I do know how it feels to be the mother of a daughter labelled as ‘different’ and bullied at boarding school because of this.

What is it about mankind that expects everyone to conform when each of us is a unique diamond? How crazy is that?

We live in a world of light and shadow. There is beauty all around us; and there is hate and prejudice. What can we do change that? What can we do to bring about harmony and balance?

We start with finding harmony and balance within our self. Learning to love and accept self – to embrace all our facets. Being loving is about accepting, appreciating, and allowing our self and others the freedom to be who we are.

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