Happy to be you

Looking at how to feel secure within yourself, last month we talked about feeling your feelings rather than pretending everything is ok – not suppressing them, and at the same time not drowning in them. This not only honours who you are, it helps you to understand how others feel.

Feeling secure within comes down to how you feel about yourself, how happy you are being you. When you accept all of who you are and focus on your strengths, when you see and integrate any beliefs or fears that get in the way of having a strong sense of value, you choose how you respond to situations rather than react emotionally.

So, you can ask yourself what do you need to be happy. You may be surprised at what really matters most on an inner level.

It also supports to ask yourself how can you meet any need you’ve been trying to get fulfilled externally within yourself, and look at whether your wants and needs are fair for everyone.

When you connect to the diamond within your heart, what you get that you can find nowhere else is the knowing that things happen for a reason and you are taken care of, you will be ok and you will find a way through whatever is being presented. You find your inner strength, you keep going, you hold steady.

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