Green …and your heart

Green … the colour of rainforests, the feeling of wonderment, growth…

A colour associated with our heart…with openness, thankfulness, thankful for the gift of life itself, appreciation, a generosity of spirit. The place where you find self acceptance, acceptance of others …and can accept and be at peace with whatever is happening in life even though you may not understand why. And the place where you experience harmony and can see the beauty in everything around you, naturally.

And when you’re in your heart, you find the strength, the courage to stand for what matters to which in turn encourages others…as we’re seeing from President Zelensky’s example and that of many others around the world.

Sometimes, when we’re hurt, we may close our heart. We say “I never want to feel like that again” and we cut ourselves off. Have you heard yourself say that? I know I did. You want to take care of yourself, you don’t want to feel your pain, you close emotionally and can shut people out. The great thing about any door that’s closed is… it can be opened again…and you can let in some fresh air!

Open the doorway to your soul and connect with the diamond.

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