Go beyond – touch the core


Have you ever experienced a moment in life when you finally had to say enough is enough? A breaking point where you knew you needed to change things?

I’ve experienced this more than once, including such a moment recently. At these times, the  opportunity is to tell ourselves the truth. To shine a light on the parts of ourselves we’ve denied, and claim them – both our shadow and our light. The opportunity is make peace with ourselves.

‘The truth will set you free’, says John in the bible. In looking to understand who we are, it’s easy to fall into the trap of failing to see what gets in the way of us being our best – our beliefs, our judgments, our fears, our shadow, the core emotion we deny. We’re told to be positive, and that conveniently offers a way out.

When we bring love to the parts of ourselves we’ve judged, betrayed, hated, and look to understand the gift of everything we’ve touched, we can let go of the past, integrate our experiences into love, and change our habits.

What do you choose – love or fear?

There is nothing more liberating than to feel that you can be yourself, to connect with the heart of who you are, the part of us that is divine, our infinite potential.

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