When you look at the different areas of you life – say career, family, finances, personal development, health and well-being, etc….how important would you rate your friendships? On a scale of 1:10?

The priority you give to your friendships is perhaps not as significant as how you feel about them. Do you feel nourished, safe within them? Uplifted? Do you enjoy being with your friends? Or, do you feel disappointed, maybe sad, perhaps angry? Whatever you feel, there is a reason – it’s good to understand, no need to judge.

How much time do you give to your friendships? If you are feeling less than satisfied, maybe it’s a call to be more attentive? To listen more, encourage, share, appreciate…

It’s great to take a discerning look at the different areas of our life and ask is there anything we would like to change.

Friendships can enrich our life and it is said they benefit our health. Sometimes, however, we may discover that a friend is not a friend after all. They may be a bubble popper (someone who thinks your dreams are too big and try to talk you out of them), or someone who thinks they know what’s best for you (their perspective is the only way and they don’t accept you for who you are). They may be rivals in disguise (competitive, green eye energy, and may go so far as to intentionally sabotage you). Or, their energy may be negative and you feel heavy whenever you are with them.

I like to think that we choose who we want to come into our garden; we set the boundaries. For me, it’s important to live with dignity and respect. So… if we find that a friend is not truly a friend, we can walk forwards without them.

As we change and grow, as we raise our vibration, some friendships may no longer support us and we need to let go of them.


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