Freedom of choice


For the past few weeks, we’ve been taking a look at moving through change or making a new start, and what can get in the way of that.

Now, our focus is on choice. For me, every moment we have choice… even when it may not feel like it!

When I think I ‘have to’ do something, I often hear a voice pipe up and says ‘who says?’ If this happens for you, you can look at the thought or belief producing the ‘have to’ and ask if it’s what you really want. If it is, you can change your language and say you ‘want to’ or ‘choose to’, much more empowering, and, if it’s not what you want, then simply decide what you do want. Easy!

We can choose to respond or react. We can make choices from our heart, or our mind. Which do you choose?

What do you choose today? Do you choose to live in freedom or fear? Do you choose to live with passion, with joy – or, with struggle and  pain? Do you choose to be a victim; or to be strong and rise from the ashes?

Whenever we see our self in a way that has us feeling trapped, whenever we feel lost, we can activate the diamond within our heart and look at things from a different light. There is the potential for our heart to expand, and we can free our self of any limiting conditioning.

We no longer need to live in the dark.

Our world opens up to infinite possibilities.

We attract whatever we want.

Once we have a clear understanding of who we are, we enjoy freedom of choice.






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