It seems everyone is talking about change, we are too – and our focus is on who you are becoming. After all, changing your life is all about changing you! It’s about feeling the heart of who you are – your magic, your highest potential, and it is infinite. Where does your heart want to take you?

Freedom means different things to different folks. What does it mean for you? At the end of the day, I believe that we all simply want to feel free to be who we are in the moment, to find the freedom within ourselves to embrace all that life offers.

To experience that freedom, what do we need to do or be? It means being trusting – trusting our self, our heart, our intuition, the universe. It means doing what we love, living with a heart that is light. It means communicating from our heart, and, disagreeing when we need to. It means finding ways to be at peace with our self and the world around us. Accepting our current reality, taking responsibility to create the life we want, investing in that, rather than blaming or complaining or expecting others to make us happy. Accepting that everyone has a choice as to how they live and letting that be rather than thinking we know what is best for them. Accepting that each of us is held in the heart of the Divine and valued equally. It means changing any mindset or belief that is limiting.

Are you ready to step on the path towards freedom? How does that path look for you?

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