Four questions

Who?  Why? What? How?

Four questions. As toddlers we can drive mum crazy asking them. At school or when we first learn a new language, we use them to help us understand the context of any situation. Later in life, they can help us explore challenges and opportunities. Journalists and marketeers ask them to write content; philosophers to understand self and the world we live in.

The key to creating the life we want, a life we love, is understanding, accepting and loving self. How can we use these questions to deepen our understanding of who am I?

Who am I? Our archetypes tell us about who we are – our conscious energy, our personality; our subconscious energy , ie how we feel and react, how we think; and our connection to our soul and intuition. These energies are what make us real, strong and true to our self; and help us to enjoy being who we really are. The elements of our make-up indicate how we approach things and provide the resources we need for our journey. Is our tendency to be practical and want to anchor things, to nourish and support, to motivate and inspire, or to think and plan?

Why am I here? Often we ask find ourself asking this to find a sense of purpose and meaning, perhaps when we feel we want something more, or there is something missing in life. Our soul’s purpose is what is at the heart of who we are, the energy we came to share with others; and the Archetypes and Seven Rays indicate what that is.

What is my value? Our value is the quality of the divine we hold. The diamond within our heart, our inner self that shines through our personality. It’s what is in our heart, what we’re capable of, our potential. It’s the presence we offer in the moment to the world around us.

How do I want to live?  How may I serve? Our values, our code, the qualities we choose to live by give us the answer to these questions. How refined the qualities are determine how much we shine. Do we live in the positive aspects of our archetypes – or not so positive?

If you’d like to explore your energies and understand more about who you are and why you are here, contact me. 

If you’d like to resolve any battle within yourself, it’s all about aligning your personality and your Self – and we can talk about that too.

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