Fire as inspiration

Our world is going through a challenging time and, like the weather, a hurricane of mental confusion and emotional energy is being stirred up by events on every continent. Fires and floods are creating havoc, just as our anger, fear and judgement can be destructive.

On a personal level, we’ve looked at how to manage differences in our relationships, how to harness our thoughts and emotions, to consider how we interact with others. What can we do to make a positive, calming difference to the energy?

One of my favourite exercises, offered by my mentor, Helen Barton, is to spend five minutes each day, imagining what we could do if there were no limitations, no fear, what our world would look like. This allows us to be inspired by what could be possible, and, since anything is possible… we can dream big! When we do this, our frequency lifts and we send out fire as a healing balm to the fire of anger burning in our world.

As suggested in our last blog, we can also ask ourself if we did not feel angry or afraid, what would we like to feel. And, if we wanted to feel joy, for example, how could we find joy in everyday things? How could we find a way to be the sunshine? Change comes from within, and, when we start to do things differently, what we find is that we become motivated. The fire in our soul inspires us to be a force for good.

Of course, the greatest thing to cool emotions is acceptance – to accept what is, accept another for who they are, accept a point of view. This doesn’t mean that we need to agree, we simply observe and accept it is how it is, we don’t judge or get caught up in the drama, and so we bring balance to the energy rather than add to it. The best way to counter fear is through love, so how can you be love?

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