Finding resilience

Navigating change is never smooth. We can feel decidedly wobbly, think that we’ll never survive alone, sometimes feel downright helpless. And yet…it’s through change that we find our resilience, learn to be creative and find ways to do things differently.

When you think about resilience…

what does it mean to you;

what sort of energy is it;

what image comes to mind?

I see a bamboo tree. It looks delicate and yet it has strength. Standing tall, it’s strongly rooted, and, flexible – it sways with the wind. It bends; it doesn’t break. Beyond its appearance, I see a symbol of springing back from adversity.

The bamboo and its appearance offer us an opportunity to look at our perception of what we see as ‘weak’ and what is ‘strong’. When it comes to resilience, what thoughts do you have about dealing with your emotions? Do you need to put on a brave face and be strong, to keep going no matter what? D’you think it’s a sign of  ‘weakness’ to show your emotions – being vulnerable is almost ‘painful’ to imagine’?

Finding resilience emotionally is about being aware of your feelings, all of them, understanding why they are there, allowing them – not suppressing them, nor drowning in them. Then, being discerning in how you respond in emotional situations. There is a strength in openness and having compassion for our self. In softness, there is strength.

Pain is stressful, most of us experience pain at some time in our lives. Healing takes time; and, we want to find a sense of balance, trusting that ‘this too shall pass’.

It helps to be optimistic, yet not in a rose-coloured spectacles way. We need to be realistic and find ways to cope. It’s good to ask for support, and practise receiving it. Community, being in caring, supportive relationships, is key.

Resilience asks you to know yourself well, look to see the learning in what life is presenting, and to bring all the elements of who you are into balance, to align with your Soul.

A sense of humour also helps! Along with faith that we are always supported, that everything happens for a reason.

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