Finding peace… at the end of a relationship

When a relationship comes to an end and it’s not what we want, we may try to fight it. However, if our partner is clear that it’s not what they want, then at some point we need to accept that this is how it is. We need to find resolution within our self.

How do we find peace? That is perhaps a question for our heart – what will bring me peace – and we can ask it as we go along the way and need to make decisions. I found peace physically by ending the legal battle and going to mediation.

Finding peace spiritually is a process, it can take a while. It involves recognising the role we played, understanding why we played it, and acceptance. It involves feeling all our emotions, including the one that causes us most pain, and asking what is the gift of it. When you accept that what happened between you was for both of you to learn, then there’s nothing to forgive. When we let things be, when we let go of our pain, we can be thankful. It’s not about gratitude. When you can look at the experience without regret, you will have found peace.

You can then ask yourself who are you without your partner, and how do you want to move forwards in life.

Ultimately, we find peace when we accept our self, every little bit of our self, the beauty and the beast. And, when we accept that the divine has a plan for us and it is always for the highest good. When we don’t accept our shadow aspects, new people will come into our life and present the same dynamic again and again because our soul wants us to learn the lesson. So, if you still see your ex as being angry, arrogant, controlling, bitter, disrespectful, whatever… ask yourself where within me is that piece…and what do I want to do  about it to find peace?

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