Finding a way …through divorce

You feel exhausted, you don’t know what to do next, you just want to find a way out of the chaos. Your partner has just announced they no longer want to stay in your relationship. You don’t know how you will ever survive alone. You’ve lost your sense of identity – you don’t know who you are anymore – you’re all at sea.

You know that you need to make decisions, and, your brain is either in overdrive or it feels frozen. You want to help your children and you don’t know where to start. You have put your family first for so long, you’ve forgotten who you are and what you need. You can’t imagine being able to think straight, feel confident, be your bright, optimistic self… ever again.

You feel so many emotions. Hurt, anger, fear, powerlessness, many more – all at once. You feel isolated. People around you are beginning to feel uncomfortable – you don’t know who to turn to. And, perhaps you don’t want to burden family and friends, or, your pride has been hurt?

How do you navigate a way through the ending of a relationship with dignity and grace?  

The first thing you need is to feel that you know how to take care of yourself if you take the steps forward that you’re fearful of taking. You need to remember who you are so that you have the confidence to make the decisions that bring you a sense of stability.

You can pick up the pieces, you can find your inner strength and bounce back again. If you can focus on the good things in your life, this will help you move through the process with dignity.

It is important to feel all your emotions, and not drown in them.

The best way to manage chaos is to set an intent as to how you want to move forwards, and from that create a plan. If you’d like to talk about that… contact me.

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