Feeling the earth beneath your feet

When we’re going through any period of change whether it’s within your self, with your family or in your relationships, it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed mentally and emotionally, so it’s important to ground our energy.

Earth is the element that anchors us, that offers us the grounding we need to operate both physically and spiritually. Earth asks us to be responsible for building our foundation to support ourselves through the nourishment it offers. Spiritually it’s about creating abundance.

If you have an earth archetype within your make-up, it’s likely that you will be reliable, practical, thorough; and you may be stubborn, critical, pessimistic. You are like a rock – solid – and stand in the present. Whenever you commit, you commit totally and will patiently build foundations, creating the structures to live safely and securely, step by step, never rushing into anything. You like to feel safe, secure and in control, and can help others to do the same. Most likely you bring structure and organisation to everyday life.

In relationships earth archetypes can be taken for granted because of their very qualities, and can be confused and agitated by the energy and speed of air. On the other hand, water nurtures earth.

When the world experiences earthquakes, the universe is showing us where we’re not grounded, where we’re resisting the energy within us to be kind and support each other, where we may be controlling too much. If we don’t take care of ourselves physically, then the ground beneath us can be shaky.

Earth is where we put ourselves in boxes saying we ‘should’, we ‘must’, we ‘have to’, so it’s about our limitations and resistances. As we let these go, the earth becomes a solid foundation.

When we feel thrown off balance, we need to learn how to combine our elements cohesively. It’s always good to simply stop, breathe and focus on our breath.

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