Feeling alive!

A colour often associated with mysticism, with spirituality, violet energy is often felt to be soft and soothing. And sometimes its associated wth the Australian chocolate bar, Violet Crumble! If you feel that this colour best describes you, you may lean to putting the needs of others first, so it’s good to remember to nourish yourself too.

With a tendency to be hypersensitive, physically you may be sensitive to light and sound, and emotionally you may easily feel disillusioned or disconnected from the world, perhaps even from yourself. The learning can be to understand and let go any grief, pain or feeling lost, to move past the issues that are causing you to be out of balance. To look at things through the eyes of compassion and embrace who you are so that you feel connected to yourself, to others, to life itself! Connecting with your breathing, your body, what’s happening now, appreciating what’s present.

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