Feeling a certainty that just is

At a physical level, it’s probably fair to say that at the moment many of us have no idea what will happen from one day to the next. All over the world there’s so much change occurring politically, climatically, and with Covid. And when the unexpected happens, our emotions can be thrown all over the place, fear can pop up, and mentally we can feel confused and uncertain what to do next. And so we’re knocked off balance.  

What difference does it make when you connect to the diamond?

When you focus on your breathing and feel the stillness within your heart, you feel a sense of peace and calm, of acceptance of whatever is happening. You feel a certainty that sometimes you can’t explain, you can’t find a reason, it just is. When you are at peace and feel calm, you see life through different eyes – you see opportunity, not struggle, you feel inspired to find new ways.

When you connect to the diamond, you have a knowing of who you are, a feeling of being happy to be who you are that in itself nurtures and supports you in feeling strong and quietly confident, you trust yourself to respond rather than react to events and are open to people around you. You know you can handle whatever comes your way and can be a light for others.

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