Eyes to see, a heart to feel

We’ve talked about taking care of each other and our planet, we’ve imagined there being no separation, living as one, but what is ‘oneness’?

Oneness is knowing that we’re all inter-connected, we come from the same core and at the same time each of us is unique. It’s the deepest feeling of connection, a feeling that you’re part of the universe and it’s part of you, when you become aware of the goodness in everything, when you gain the clarity to see beauty everywhere, in everyone and everything…and can imagine a pathway to peace.

Have you ever had this sort of experience? Perhaps feeling humbled by something in nature? A moment of awe, a profound connection, somewhere or with someone when the experience took your breath away…and afterwards you simply didn’t have words to express it?

There is beauty all around us… even in the midst pain. We  simply need to go beyond our mind, open our heart and have eyes to see it.

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