Enough… just as you are.

What if… you knew in your heart that you are enough just as you are, you don’t need anything more…how would that change how you feel about to yourself?

Just as diamonds need light to sparkle, when you connect to the warmth and light within you and look at who you are through the eyes of love and appreciation, that’s when you know you are enough.

To change any feeling of being less, the first thing you can do, I’ve found, is to make friends with yourself, start to like yourself, and quietly acknowledge your achievements. I remember a time …when I didn’t feel enough, I felt I had to prove I was more…the one thing that helped me get out of that hole was to open my heart to myself, to look at what I liked. And, practically, whenever I heard a negative thought, I made a point of writing down something positive and kind that I saw in myself. I took a notebook wherever I went!

When you don’t feel enough, you can worry about not having enough, so if over the holiday season, you’re concerned about finances, create a budget, add a cushion for any unexpected events and expenses, and talk to family and friends about spending limits on gifts. Be realistic on what you can afford based on the number of people you’ll be buying for, in addition to your regular expenses. Stick to the amounts that you decide upon, and the chances are you will be helping out everyone you talk to in addition to yourself.

Remember, you want to have a happy holiday and you can do that without spending lots of money. You can do it in your own way, have fun and laughter in any situation, and be yourself.

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