Endings and New Beginnings

Spending time at home in Scotland this Christmas I saw the starkness of winter countryside and felt the coldness of winter. Wrapped up in many layers, I enjoyed the crispness in the air. Such a contrast to Hong Kong.

Symbolically, winter is seen as a time of death and rebirth, a time of completing a circle. I found myself thinking about the cycles of life, about Mother Nature and how consistent she is – spring always comes around.

Life is constantly changing including some things we may not want to change. Tough times do come to an end, and with that comes the opportunity to create a new beginning.

More than once over the holiday period, I heard “Let it go” from The Disney movie Frozen, and that too had me reflecting on the process of letting go to make way for the new.

What might you let go of to step forward and create something wonderful you in 2015? What fears, beliefs, sadness, habits of the past, emotional attachments can you break free from to expand and grow, live your potential and manifest the life you want?

Letting go of the past, planning a new future can be both exciting and scary. Having the support of a coach can be invaluable. I know, I did it myself when I want through the process of divorce.


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