Each a valuable part of the whole

This past week I’ve travelled from Melbourne to Hong Kong to Tokyo, and, as always, was fascinated watching people, pondering differences and at the same time seeing how we’re all connected, each a valuable part of the whole.

I watched an airline movie “Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool” which tells the story of an ageing Hollywood movie star for whom beauty and glamour had been all that mattered until she fell in love with a struggling young actor from Liverpool who adored her, loved her for who she was. The movie focuses on the last days of her life where she chose to be in his chaotic working class family home surrounded by the warmth, gentleness and caring of ‘ordinary’ people, where she was able to take off her mask and be vulnerable, fragile, without vanity.

What difference would it make to your life if you were to accept what you see as the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ within you…and in others…to see that we are all a valuable part of the whole? What difference would it make if you were to bring more softness, gentleness, caring into your heart… to become more warm and inclusive? What difference would it make if you knew you are not alone and it’s ok to ask for support?


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