D’you ever feel disappointed?

D’you ever feel disappointed? In yourself, in others? Does your life feel like a roller-coaster ride of up and down mood swings?

If it does, it’s good to understand what expectations you have because, one thing is for sure, whenever you feel disappointed, there is some expectation lurking in the background whether you’re aware of it or not.

When we have an expectation, what we’re saying is that we would like to achieve a certain outcome or result. In other words, we want things to happen just as we think they should – which allows no room for the universe to bring to us what is for our highest good in divine timing. We’re coming from our personality, not our soul. 

Expectations reveal our beliefs, our perspectives; and of course we don’t all think alike. One way to uncover them is to look at our language. How often do you say – it’s hard, it’s difficult, I’m sorry, I can’t, but, I should, I must, I struggle with……? It’s easy enough to change our language.

Of course, when we find ourselves feeling disappointed, what we are being asked to learn is to accept that everything is part of our journey. It’s good to focus on who we’re becoming rather than on what we want to achieve, to focus on the journey. In this way, we also learn patience!  

When you’re looking to make a new start, begin with an intent, create a plan and decide on the action steps you will take, then let go of any outcome and see what life brings. When we’re not attached to results, when we can feel the rhythm of things, we achieve so much more. Let go of expectations and live in the now!

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