Dreamy…rituals and traditions.

When you let go of your emotional insecurities and trust in your knowing, the gift is at last you feel at peace, and when you listen to and act on the message you get…not argue with it…abracadabra life flows! We all have our own knowing, we simply need to step into it.

Until you are able to see things as they really are, you can sometimes live in illusion and feel quite alone, and there can be a tendency to make a mountain out of a molehill when stressed, to feel fearful. Indigo is dreamy, a colour with many moods.

And, whilst it can be dreamy, at the same time indigo loves structure, organisation, rituals and traditions. It can become obsessive, “I have to do this”…perhaps with exercise, food, work. As with all energies, it’s good to find balance, to let go of anything that limits you or becomes a drudge. So, rather than focus on getting rid of any habit, find ways that help you enJOY being you. For example, learn to laugh at yourself rather than stay stuck in any habit of taking things personally and being moody; learn to accept rather than criticise yourself and be the best you can be. Have faith that all is well.

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