Do you say what you really think and feel?

Often when we go through any change in life, somewhere behind the scenes our soul is sneakily prompting us to be more of who we are. For many of us, the opportunity can be to speak up more, to be seen and heard, to express ourself openly and fully from our heart, to be real.

Why is it that it can be challenging to say what we really think and feel?

  • What is it that keeps us in our comfort zone?
  • Do you say what you want to say, what you mean…or… what you think you ‘should’ say?
  • Are you so sensitive to others’ feelings, so tactful, that you are evasive?

Sometimes we may feel afraid of anger, of the prospect of conflict, we have a need to keep the peace. Other times we may not want to be vulnerable, we have a need to be seen to be in control. Some of us may feel afraid to speak at all. We may think that we have nothing valuable to say.

We can change the pattern and practise moving beyond any limiting belief or fear. We need to be real with ourselves first.

When we connect with the diamond, our heart opens and we can listen to our inner voice. The gift when we then express ourself honestly and openly, and listen to others, is that we experience the joy of understanding… and happier relationships.

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