Discover Your Brilliance - Clarity

What would it mean to you to live a life of confidence, trust and value? A beautiful, rich, fulfilling life in which you enjoy being who you are, know that you matter, believe in your dreams and live life to the full!

Sometimes events happen in life that can have us feeling that we no longer know who we are. We can lose our sense of self, our value, our passion, our purpose. And, our heart may become hard through our pain and judgement. We feel lost, stuck, and don’t know how to pick ourselves up.

Discover your Brilliance helps you get clear about who you really are, what makes you unique, to release anything that limits you, and reconnect with your reason for being. Magic! Enjoy being you. You are here to shine! You bring light to the world by connecting to the diamond within your heart.

Discover Your Brilliance offers you a way to:

  • Pick yourself up
  • See things differently through the eyes of your heart
  • Uncover the strengths at the heart of who you are
  • Free yourself from any attitudes, beliefs, patterns that hold you back
  • Write a new story
  • Open yourself up to all the colourful possibilities that life has to offer!

Clarity –  a 12 week exploration into seeing, understanding and accepting who you really are, beyond the illusions of who you think you are, beyond your fears and any feeling of not being good enough, to see who you are at heart and what you are capable of. You’ll receive a personal copy of ‘Polishing the Diamond’ which offers you an opportunity to reflect on the threads of your journey. What is your story? We’ll meet once a week online. The cost is New Zealand $299 per session.  Contact me if you’d like to have a chat about it.