Decisions, decisions…

Making decisions can be tough when something unexpected happens, when there’s so much to consider and the future is unpredictable. How often does our head gives us a message that has us feeling panicky about what to do, we feel the pressure of time and end up doing something we regret? We trip ourself up. It can happen to us all.

When you take time to stop, breathe, listen to your heart, the message is soft, clear, calm and somehow you know it speaks your truth. Your heart makes choices that are not only for your highest good, they are inclusive, they encourage collaboration and are for the good of all. And somehow the other message disappears.

Listening to that voice … it’s so much easier than listening to the noise in your head which can debate what’s the right or wrong, worry about what others might think, or second-guess all the what-if’s! Taking time to connect with the diamond allows you to pause, to respond rather than react and act in line with who you really are.

How do you make your choices?

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