Hello, hello…

As the year comes to a close, many of us are saying goodbye to ‘the old me’ so we can step into the next cycle of energy as ‘the new me’. We’ve washed away what was necessary for our journey but is no longer needed for our growth. We’ve polished our diamond, and are stepping forward radiating our light!

What are you saying ‘goodbye’ to?

I’m saying goodbye to:

– over-responsibility – carrying more than I need for others, taking on too much

– the habit of giving, giving, giving to others, if it’s at the expense of self

– pleasing others, if it leaves me feeling empty

– doing what I think I ‘should’, if it means I no longer feel alive

– listening to my mind, if it means I don’t follow my heart

– remaining silent, keeping the peace, if it means I compromise myself

– struggle, it doesn’t have to be that way

– lack

– pretense.


What are you saying ‘hello’ to?


I’m saying hello to:

  • taking care self
  • giving to self
  • doing what makes my heart sing
  • bringing my intuition together with my mind
  • sharing who I am, having a voice
  • acceptance – of all my facets, and of what is
  • abundance, saying ‘yes’ to everything
  • integrity
  • balance – focusing on what resonates, detaching from what does not
  • softening
  • celebration!

When a diamond is well-balanced and properly aligned, it shines magnificently.

If you were to choose three words on which to focus moving forward, what might these be? How will you flourish in 2016?



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