Crossing the bridge

With everything that’s happening in the world at the moment – the conflict, the pandemic, climate change, political upheaval, terrorism – it’s clear that we’re being given a good shake and the universe is asking us to wake up, look at how we’re living, what’s not working and how we can create a new world.

How do you feel about change? D’you shrink with fear, strongly resist… or… are you prepared to step into the unknown?

Are you willing to cross the bridge to a new way of being? A way that creates a world where there is more kindness and the focus is on collaboration, making a contribution for the good of everyone, that sees that we are really one human family, every man and woman part of the heart of the Divine?

Of course, when you decide to change, to heal, to learn and grow, you need to look at what needs to be transformed within you – any thinking that limits your perception, any entitlement, illusions, habits of reacting.

The funny thing is… what we perceive to be a ‘bad thing’ in terms of unexpected change or loss often turns out be for the best in terms of aligning with our Soul and becoming more of who we are. Letting go can be painful to our ego, yet it’s what our Soul asks in order to move towards living in unity. Sudden change can bring the gift of awakening our intuition, freeing us from the conditioning of our mind, any need to control, and opening the door to our guidance. The funny thing of course is – our guidance knows what’s best for us!

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