Clear decisions

We’ve talked about the energy of orange and how it can be associated with a sense of vitality, with life itself! Its bright and vivid, blending red and yellow.

The colour of the sacral chakra, when balanced, you’re able to make clear decisions and be creative. Mentally, you will want to understand all the pieces, ask lots of questions, analyse, investigate and you’ll be open to new ideas. Is this you?

If, on the other hand, you’re not certain in your mind about who you are, you may overanalyse, find it tricky making decisions, looking to others for approval.… and you may make choices according to ‘gut’ reactions.

In relationships, the energy of orange loves socialising, parties, stimulating conversations, can be a bit loud, and is always on the go.

If you see yourself as orange diamond, what do you see  as your core qualities?

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