Clarity of thinking

How clear are you in your thinking… how well do you manage your thoughts?

Do you tend to…

  • feel confused, sometimes overwhelmed, so much so that you are oblivious to what is going on around you
  • get easily distracted by worries, doubts, you can’t think straight
  • make choices based on what you think you ‘should’ do, or, how things “should” be?

How would it be for you to…

  • see things clearly, know where you are going, and what you want to create
  • be open to new ideas
  • spontaneously come from a loving heart and an intelligent mind?

When we don’t trust our self, we can experience a lot of noise in our head – doubts, questions, a sense of struggle. And, with an emphasis on staying uptodate with everything, it can feel like we always need to be switched “on”, we’re overloaded with information, unable to take time out for our self, for reflection, for quiet space.

How loving, kind, empowering, insightful are your thoughts about yourself and others … or… are they harsh and critical? Do you see the goodness in people, in situations, or only the negative? 

Our mind tends to be our inner critic and helps us to recognise how we understand or judge our self which is reflected in our thoughts about others. Self criticism is what causes imbalance in our lives – is it time to let it go?

What about your beliefs, your expectations? To what extent do they put you in a box? And, what about any attitudes that you have about how good you are at achieving goals? Do they support or enhance who you are?

Mental clutter knocks us off balance and, when we’re not clear-headed, we lose connection to ourselves and others. To feel clear and steady…

  • focus on the present, pay attention to what matters
  • accept things as they are…right now
  • observe any thoughts that disempower, acknowledge, then reframe
  • focus on the light within people
  • act from your intent and commitments

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