Clarity of purpose

How clear are you about why you are here and what is your purpose?

Sometimes events happen in life that have us feeling knocked for six and we may become aware that we no longer know why we’re here. We might think that we no longer have a role to play.

Other times, life can be comfortable enough, yet we have a gnawing feeling that something is missing. We’re not sure how it happened, life simply got in the way and it’s the same old routine existence. Perhaps we now give all our time to work, or, to our children, and there’s no time for fun, spontaneity or doing what we love. We’ve lost our exuberance. We may have fallen into a role that is not who we are at heart.

Often, when this is the case. it’s because we are out of alignment. Our soul is asking us to be more of who we are, to re-connect with our passion, our purpose, our dreams. We may have taken a little detour on our journey!

When we feel free within our self to embrace all that life offers, saying ‘yes’ to life, we feel energised, optimistic … and passionate!

Passion is the spark behind purpose, and often our purpose is simply to be who we are at heart sharing our gifts, our talents, our time with those around us. Purpose doesn’t have to be something grand!

Uncovering your purpose and passion is all part of gaining clarity about who you are. So, what are your strengths and gifts; what do you love to do that comes naturally to you? If you want to reignite your passion… go back to your childhood, remember what you loved to do, what came easily, find the common thread.

When we accept ourselves, we feel confident of our role and know we are here to make a difference.

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