Clarity and responsibility

In times when we are challenged, sometimes what we need to do is change our attitude – and often it’s the case that we need to stop feeling like a victim and take responsibility.

Everything that we love about our life, everything we don’t like about our reality, is our responsibility. We are the one constant in it all. When we feel stuck, however, it’s easy to blame others, or even the world at large for our issues!

Whenever events happen that cause us pain, it’s good to remember that everything happens for a reason. Our soul creates opportunities for us to learn and grow and sometimes the only way we grow is by creating the people in our life that have the impact they do. The problem is … we often attach the issue to the people and not the energy. And most times the energy we dislike in others is energy that we have yet to see, that we deny, within our self. When we can look at the energy and see that energy is a never ending spectrum, it’s easier to accept – and then take responsibility for the energies in which we engage!

When we feel angry and betrayed, when we feel badly treated and its all unfair, that’s when we can fall into victimhood. When we feel less than, we don’t feel equal, criticism can come in and we can be unkind to our self… and others.

How to change? Look within and ask yourself what d’you need to be happy? Get clear about what you need internally.  Could it be that you need to learn to trust again….to respect yourself… to give yourself credit?

Sometimes we feel sorry for ourselves because we don’t want to see that in fact we are ok…because then we would need to be responsible for creating the life we want.

Responsibility is a choice, and requires us to be clear about who am I, why am I here, how am I living, do I react or respond, what brings me joy, how can I be creative.

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